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5 reasons why bricklayers recommend brick as their material of choice for a new home!

Building a new home comes with making a variety of decisions, and one of those is choosing the facade material of choice.

Are you thinking about building a new home and are interested to know the best material to use for construction? It’s easy. “Bricks are simply the best” – quoted by a professional bricklayer. Of course, a professional bricklayer is going to say they are the best. But we have to agree with them. Read on to find out more.

Building a new home comes with making a variety of decisions, and one of those is choosing a material to use for your dream house. This choice may seem daunting as it is going to affect the overall facade and function of your home. However, when you choose brick as your material, you can be reassured that you are selecting a product that will stand the test of time, providing an abundance of benefits!

Today, brick remains one of the most popular materials and a smart design choice for architects, interior designers, construction professionals and homeowners. In addition to being extremely versatile in design, brick provides many functional benefits when designed into new homes! Professional bricklayers reveal why they believe this material is the best for a new home!

  1. Design aesthetic
    Choosing brick will allow you to have the option of selecting from hundreds of colours, finishes and sizes. This will provide you with the opportunity to create a unique and inspiring design and transform your vision to life. Bricks are a multi-dimensional material and allow you to achieve any architectural or interior design through a variety of shapes, textures and application patterns. There are many applications for adding the beauty of brick into your new home. Whether you want to use them indoor as a part of your fireplace area, kitchen/bathroom wall or as a part of an accent wall, brick allows you to create an outstanding design. This material is also superb for exterior applications including new home construction, entryways and landscape features. If you need advice about this material, speak to a professional bricklayer in Sydney. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information regarding your project, helping you narrow down to a specific aesthetic design.

  2. Energy efficiency
    Building with brick gives greater thermal mass than other lightweight building materials. As brick has ‘high thermal mass’ it also has the highest energy efficiency. Thermal mass is the ability of a material to retain heat energy when subjected to varying temperature and then slowly release it back into the environment as conditions change. As a natural insulator, brick is slow to absorb or lose heat, meaning you’ll be warm in the winter and cool in the summer! This is ideally suited to Australia’s sunny climate. If you want additional information about the benefits of brick, speak to a professional bricklayer for advice before you build your new home.

  3. Low-maintenance
    Brick is a tough and permanent solution for a home. It is one of the earliest building materials known to man with brick buildings constructed more than 2000 years ago in Roman times which are still holding up well. Bricks also require little maintenance and don’t rot, fade, peel or disintegrate over time like other materials. Very occasionally, they might need a clean with a soft brush to maintain their good looks.

  4. Sound insulation
    Brick is an amazing material if you require sound insulation from external noise. The heavy mass of clay brick masonry is best for acoustic insulation and is able to block low-frequency noise. You also have the option of double brick construction which provides the benefit of isolating impact sounds from other rooms. If you are looking for a material that has an inherent resistance to sound and is able to block out all unwanted traffic and machinery noise, brick is certainly the material for you!

  5. Fire resistance
    Brick is one of the most fire-resistant building materials available – made from clay, this material is fired at around 1200 degrees Celcius. Fireproof, non-combustible and able to withstand heat without changing structurally, brick is the material of choice for many homeowners. This is especially beneficial for those living in bush-fire prone areas! Brick does not burn when exposed bushfire and can help protect the more combustible items inside a house!

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