commercial bricklayers in Sydney

Commercial Bricklayers in Sydney: Qualifications, Licenses and Skills Needed


Working in the construction industry as a bricklayer in Sydney requires skill, strength and stamina.

If you enjoy working outdoors and want to be involved in the construction industry, a commercial bricklayer in Sydney might just be the job for you! 

Before starting, it is important to note the qualifications and skills needed before becoming a commercial bricklayer in Sydney. We have outlined some important information you will need to note before stepping into the career. 

Qualifications commercial bricklayers in Sydney need:

Physical stamina and strength

The work of a bricklayer can be very demanding and tiring. Bricklayers lift, pull and push heavy materials on a daily basis. This particular work requires strength and stamina. The process of bricklaying including applying mortar and placing bricks can be quite repetitive consequently causing muscle fatigue in the arms. Commercial bricklayers in Sydney usually engage in squatting or stooping positions for extended periods of time as well as standing and climbing. 

Contingent on the project, commercial bricklayers in Sydney usually in environments of extreme heights and cramped workspaces. Jobs are usually conducted outside, so they must be able to resist hot and cold temperatures. 

Construction knowledge

Commercial bricklayers in Sydney must have a general understanding of construction materials, tools and processes. Bricklayers must also know how to read plans and blueprints related to the project. The use of hand tools such as levels and small power tools is required. 

Depending on the project, bricklayers may also be required to use sledgehammers, hydraulic jacks, man lifts and mixers. Commercial bricklayers in Sydney must also have the ability to accurately read measuring devices. 

Education and training

To become a commercial bricklayer in Sydney, one must complete some type of formal training as well as an apprenticeship. Apprentices spend time both on the job and in a classroom to learn the required skills. 

Commercial bricklayers in Sydney must have the following qualifications:

  • Complete a Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying at a TAFE or Registered Training Organisation or as part of an apprenticeship
  • Undertake construction induction training and obtain a White Card through an RTO 
  • Check with relevant building authorities to see whether there is any additional certification required to work as a Bricklayer 

As a commercial bricklayer in Sydney, apprenticeships usually involve but are not limited to:

  • Workplace communication
  • OH&S requirements 
  • Planning and organisation of work
  • Reading and interpreting plans
  • Measurements and calculations
  • Use of power tools
  • Handling construction materials
  • Preparing for construction process (bricklaying)
  • General demolition and levelling
  • Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding

Commercial bricklayers in Sydney: license types 

Bricklaying is a trade work and there are various licenses available in NSW depending on whether one wants to contract or supervise. The different types of licences include:

Contractor licence Allows one to advertise and contract to do work. The licences can be issued to either individuals/companies or partnerships. Contractor licences can be issued for one or three years.
Qualified supervisor certificate Allows one to supervise and conduct work outlined in the certificate. These certificates are only issued to individuals for three years. This certificate does not allow one to contract work
Endorsed contractor licence This particular licence is issued to individuals who have the qualifications and experience need to be a qualified supervisor. 

Frequently asked questions about commercial bricklayers in Sydney

  • How will I know if I’m suited to a bricklaying career?
    • This kind of job requires you to truly enjoy your work, be hands-on, creative, love physical work and are always up for a challenge. Bricklayers work in a small team with objectives and timeframes. If you have a passion for this industry, bricklaying might just be the career for you.
  • Is bricklaying a secure future career to choose?
    • The growth of the construction industry in Australia is on the rise and has been consistently strong. The economic growth, population growth and rise in new developments are resulting in a demand for bricklayers. There is always a need for commercial bricklayers in Sydney with exquisite qualifications. 
  • What personal traits are best suited to become a commercial bricklayer in Sydney
    • If you are a lover of creating things, you will certainly love bricklaying. It is the process of creating something and is extremely rewarding. There is a sense of achievement after seeing the results of the work. 
  • When can I commence a bricklaying apprenticeship?
    • Bricklaying apprenticeships can be completed as a part of a VET or VCAL course. This will allow you to undertake a range of structured training at school and practical work experience with a bricklayer. Practical work experience usually is once a week or in monthly blocks. 

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